Portfolio Prof. Dr. Ewald Frie

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Prof. Dr.
Ewald Frie
Organizational units:
Institute of Modern History
Department of History
CRC 923 - Threatened Orders
Collaborative research centers and transregios

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2020 - 2023
Ewald Frie
Gerda Henkel Stiftung
2018 - 2023
Daniel Menning, Ewald Frie
2018 - 2021
Daniel Menning, Ewald Frie
Irene und Sigurd Greven Stiftung
2011 - 2019
Ewald Frie
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG)


University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
University of Exeter
Exeter, United Kingdom
Australian National University (ANU)
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Københavns Universitet
Kopenhagen, Denmark
University of Sheffield
Sheffield, United Kingdom



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