Technical problems

For technical questions please contact FIT-support.


For questions regarding patents please contact the responsible administration department.

Dezernat II Abteilung 3 Technologietransfer

Medizinische Fakultät Geschäftsstelle Technologietransfer

Contact persons in organizations

For questions regarding content please consult the responsible person, e.g. project manager, or the contact person of the appropriate organizational unit.

Faculty of Protestant Theology

   Reinhold Rieger

Faculty of Catholic Theology

   Ruth Scoralick

Faculty of Law

   Oliver Richter

Faculty of Medicine

   Thomas Riehle

Faculty of Humanities

   Heike Winhart

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

   Sonja Neubauer

Faculty of Science

   Meike Kammler

Zentrale und sonstige Einrichtungen

   Christian Vöhringer

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