SearchPortfolios, projects, cooperations, patents, external organizations


Search features

The unified search currently contains these elements:

  • Projects
  • Portfolios
  • Cooperations
  • Patents
  • Third party notifications (depending on permissions)
  • External organizations

Depending on your permissions you may only see a part of those.

The text fields, dates, names of people involved, keywords and numbers are searched in each case. Individual matches are weighted and aggregated into an overall result, then sorted by rank, to make the best matches appear first in the results list.


Very short strings (less than 3 or 4 characters) and simple words such as articles etc. are not included in single comparisons, to avoid too many useless matches.

Only those fields are searched to which you have read access.

Name search

The linguistic features of full-text search to not work with names. To compensate that, we supply a thesaurus with common german surnames. Therefor you can find "Maier" searching for "Meyer". This also works with compound names like "Maier-Schulz", but not with names like "Neumaier". The decomposition of umlauts (ä to ae etc.) also uses the thesaurus and therefor does not work with all names.

will be deleted permanently. This cannot be undone.