ProjectPsychobiologie der Gewichtsregulation bei Adipositas über die Lebensspanne

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Psychobiologie der Gewichtsregulation bei Adipositas über die Lebensspanne
01/03/2018 to 28/02/2021
Abstract / short description:
Obesity and its complications, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, are a major health problem, both for individuals and for society. In addition to preventing obesity as early as childhood, it is crucial to improve and individually adapt the treatment of already obese children and adults in order to achieve better results.
In my habilitation project, I therefore use a broad spectrum of methods to investigate the eating behaviour and physiological, psychological and partly also psychosocial factors of children, adolescents and adults with regard to i) their differences in obese patients and normal weights and ii) their changes which are associated with or predict successful weight reduction, failure to achieve weight reduction or weight stabilisation in obesity. The findings should contribute to a better understanding of the underlying psychobiology of weight regulation in obesity and to the further development of therapy and prevention approaches.

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Faculty of Medicine
University of Tübingen

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Internal Medicine Department VI
Department of Internal Medicine
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