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Academic title:
Prof. Dr.
Gerd Jürgens
Organizational units:
Faculty of Science
University of Tübingen
Center for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP)
Department of Biology

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Research focus

Our research addresses mechanisms of specificity during vesicle formation and vesicle fusion in specific developmental contexts.

Principles of vesicle trafficking

Regulation of trafficking pathways by ARF-GEFs and ARFs

Specificity of syntaxin action in membrane fusion


2019 - 2022
Gerd Jürgens
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG)
2018 - 2022
Klaus Harter
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG)
2013 - 2016
Gerd Jürgens
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG)


Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
Pohang, Korea
Nagoya University
Nagoya, Japan
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia, United States of America
Kyoto Prefectural University (KPU)
Kyōto, Japan
Wageningen University and Research Center
Wageningen, Netherlands



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