ProjectSynthesis and properties of bora and borata cyclopropabenzenes

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Synthesis and properties of bora and borata cyclopropabenzenes
01/08/2022 to 31/07/2025
Abstract / short description:
Boracyclopropabenzenes (benzoborirenes) and boratacyclopropabenzenes are strained bicyclische compounds of organobor chemistry that are comprised of an aromatic six membered and an annulated three membered boron containing ring. This class of compounds could only be investigated to a very limited extend because a synthetic access was not known for a long time outside of stabilizing matrices. Due to the high ring strain of the bicyclic framework and the electrophilicity of the boron center interesting and high reactivity towards a large number of reagents and access to novel structural motifs is expected. Based on our preliminary work, we synthesize benzoborirenes and study their chemical properties in the framework of the project. We wish to address specifically the reactive sites of the benzoborirenes (boron center, three-membered ring, six-membered ring) using selected reactions with suitable reagents. This will provide comprehensive insight into the properties of this class of compounds and the interplay between aromaticity and ring strain.

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Faculty of Science
University of Tübingen
Institute of Organic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

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Institute of Organic Chemistry
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Faculty of Science


Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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