ProjectSVB – Successful Venture Building

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Successful Venture Building
31/12/2021 to 31/05/2022
Abstract / short description:
Venture building is a new method used by established firms that combines aspect of well-known innovation and venturing methods. We examine in how far venture building is distinct from other methods of corporate innovation and corporate venturing. We provide a first definition that provides the basis for a new research agenda on (corporate) venture building. Further, we provide nuanced and rich insights into corporates’ motives for venture building. Finally, we engage in a deeper analysis of the importance of corporate assets in venture building. We find that corporates largely differ in their experience (as measured in years) and their success (as measured in successful ventures built). Our data based on 33 in-depth structured interviews with mainly C-level managers show that past success and experience in venture building is important for how interviewees perceive their own ownership and past successful use of their corporate assets in venture building. Further, we connect corporate assets that are useful in venture building to the main four phases of venture building and provide a detailed analysis of potential hurdles to leverage corporate assets in venture building.

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