ProjectBioProS – Biointelligent Production Sensor to Measure Viral Activity

Basic data

Biointelligent Production Sensor to Measure Viral Activity
01/07/2022 to 30/06/2026
Abstract / short description:
We aim to transform virus biomanufacturing processes and enable new quality control strategies by a continuous, real-time capable
biohybrid sensor technology to detect cell-based virus infection cycles. BioProS sensor concept makes use of an optical sensor
technology in combination with cell-based measurement principles. In this context a platform technology will be developed that can
be adapted to multiple specific analytes which enables its applicability in different industries and production settings. The
development of such platform technology together with its technological complexity requires the involvement of multiple
stakeholders throughout Europe and across disciplines (biology, engineering science, data science, manufacturing experts).
Digitalisation has to extend from the very beginning of the process into the whole manufacturing chain, utilising all advances
achieved in smart and lot-size-one manufacturing in recent years. This leads to the closely intertwined interaction of technical,
informational and biological systems also referred to as bio-intelligent systems. This new paradigm opens up a large new space for
innovations, recognised as a strategic field in America, Asia and Europe. Based on the manufacturing excellence leadership of Europe,
BioProS will significantly contribute to all expected impacts of the Destination “Digital and Emerging Technologies” and explicitly to
each of the four expected outcomes of this call topic. The consortium aims to gather all required expertise and set the basis for
international partnerships. In close cooperation with pan-European initiatives and with the support of an industry advisory board,
project partners aim to transform the vision of bio-intelligent manufacturing and demonstrate the applicability of disruptive
technologies in an industrial setting. We will promote the research community for bio-intelligent methods and applications
worldwide, and at the same time create technology sovereignty for Europe.
bio-intelligent, biomanufacturing
viral vector production, decentralized production
process control, bioprinting
in-line monitoring, digital sensor
cell and gene therapy, sustainability

Involved staff


Faculty of Science
University of Tübingen
Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPTC)
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

Other staff

Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPTC)
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPTC)
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

Local organizational units

Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPTC)
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science


Brüssel, Belgium


Milano, Italy

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