ProjectQUSP-P5 – Time reversal in two-dimensional quantum Ising systems

Basic data

Time reversal in two-dimensional quantum Ising systems
01/07/2022 to 30/06/2026
Abstract / short description:
In this project we aim at the experimental realization of a time-reversal protocol in two-dimensional optical tweezer arrangements coupled by Rydberg-Rydberg interactions. We plan to combine microwave dressing with optical dressing to design binary interaction potentials with reversable sign. Being able to reverse the arrow of time in a generic quantum many-body system provides a powerful tool for quantum simulations. It opens novel control and benchmarking possibilities and provides access to new observables. Ultimately, a Loschmidt echo may be implemented. The new observables provide a window into the complex quantum dynamics and allow for the characterization of information spreading and thermalization rates. One prominent example are out-of-time-order correlation functions, which are useful to characterize entanglement spreading in the system. Time reversal is also a resource in quantum metrology and in systems with short ranged interactions it may allow to utilize the large Fisher information generated in during the evolution for new robust metrology protocols with enhanced sensitivity.
Rydberg interaction
Rydberg atoms
quantum computing

Involved staff


Institute of Physics (PIT)
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science

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Institute of Physics (PIT)
Department of Physics
Faculty of Science


Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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