ProjectPACE-UP – PAN ASEAN Coalition for Epidemic and OUtbreak Preparedness

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PAN ASEAN Coalition for Epidemic and OUtbreak Preparedness
01/05/2021 to 31/12/2025
Abstract / short description:
The apparent need of the establishment of a “Global Health and Pandemic Prevention Center” in South-East Asia is based on the fact that this region remains a hotspot for many infectious diseases such as dengue, viral/bacterial (meningo)encephalitis, measles, influenza and other viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. Of particular importance is rapid and uncontrolled spread of infectious diseases in global dimensions as currently experienced in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Geographical spread of infectious diseases usually originates from developing countries. Once an infectious disease takes hold locally, it can, depending on various factors, spread rapidly within the region, and the rest of the world is put at an equal risk. Heightened awareness, active disease surveillance, early diagnosis, rapid communication of data for health systems to implement intervention measures are crucial components of controlling the spread of a disease that exhibits epidemic/pandemic potential.
Our goal is to strengthen regional and ASEAN-wide capacities and systems to enable a rapid and effective response to infectious diseases with epidemic potential occurring within the region or imported from overseas. The key points considered in this project are based on pragmatic needs and realistic deliverables based on two situations: a) in an emergency outbreak or epidemic situation and b) in the inter-epidemic periods. Priority needs here are (i) to identify, develop and strengthen individual and institutional capacities with sustainability measures (ii) increase training of trainers and disseminate training modules locally and regionally (iii) heightened awareness, active disease surveillance, early diagnosis and (iv) rapid communication of data in order to facilitate the implementation of intervention measures and (v) participation in the policy process to aid real-time decision making.
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Faculty of Medicine
University of Tübingen

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Department VII, Tropical Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
Hospitals and clinical institutes, Faculty of Medicine


Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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