ProjectJacobs Foundation Research Fellowship

Basic data

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship
01/01/2022 to 31/12/2024
Abstract / short description:
The research conducted during the fellowship aims to help students with an immigrant background to realize their potential by fostering their positive development (e.g., learning, positive self-beliefs, social integration) in secondary school. First, the project seeks to enhance current understandings of the complex ways in which immigrant students’ positive development is shaped by factors located at multiple levels of analysis, ranging from individual differences between students, family support and home factors, to dynamic classroom, teaching, and learning processes, and characteristics of school systems and societies. Second, I will develop and test a scalable intervention to promote immigrant students’ positive development by using innovative game-based applications. I will furthermore examine how multiple-level influences affect intervention outcomes in order to better tailor the intervention to individual needs and different settings.
students with immigrant background
positive development
multi-level influences

Involved staff


Hector Institute of Education Science
Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

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Hector Institute of Education Science
Department of Social Sciences
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences


Zürich, Switzerland

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