ProjectE-Belonging. Sense of Belonging in Online Learning Environments

Basic data

E-Belonging. Sense of Belonging in Online Learning Environments
01/04/2021 to 31/03/2023
Abstract / short description:
E-BELONG focuses on the sense of belonging as the main feature of a collaborative online community involved in a practical learning and teaching approach in a stressful situation. The social, emotional and affective side of learning is adding value when addressed with concrete shared solutions.
The purpose of the project is to inform practitioners and those charged with student success about practices that hold considerable promise for nurturing a student’s sense of belonging and but also to enable them through training to customize and implement these practices. The novelty of this approach consists of the target group. Most of the actions in the area of student attainment and retention focus on developing working strategies for students. Though, results of numerous studies add to the weight of evidence showing that faculty members play a critical role in students’ success and academic support experiences. This time we focus on teachers/educators in HE as they work to help students find their purpose
for belonging and provide them with the support for achieving these goals during online activities

Involved staff


Institute of Education (IFE)
Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
President’s Office, Central Administration (ZV)

Local organizational units

President’s Office
Central Administration (ZV)
University of Tübingen


Brüssel, Belgium

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