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International Handbook of Practical Theology
1/1/2018 to 12/31/2021
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The “International Handbook of Practical Theology”, published by de Gruyter (Berlin / Boston), with more than fifty contributions intents to cover the major topics and aspects of a transcultural and transreligious approach of Practical Theology, - each article with about 5000 Words/12 pages.As editors of the volume function Birgit Weyel (Tübingen), Wilhelm Gräb (Berlin), Emanuel Lartey (Atlanta) and Cas Wepener (Pretoria).
The “International Handbook of Practical Theology” follows a concept of Practical Theology that understands Practical Theology as an empirically founded and hermeneutically reflected theory of “lived religion”. According to this concept what is understood as “lived religion” depends on the different culturally situated discourses on and about religion. With its transcultural and trans-religious approach the “International Handbook of Practical Theology” intents to promote the praxis of Practical Theology by reflecting and conceptualizing the very different challenges of religious practices as they react on and interact with their very different religious and cultural circumstances.

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