Projectemplement! – NUR-Verbundprojekt: Qualifizierung städtischer Regionen zur Umsetzung von Nachhaltigkeits- und…

Basic data

NUR-Verbundprojekt: Qualifizierung städtischer Regionen zur Umsetzung von Nachhaltigkeits- und Resilienzstrategien unter Berücksichtigung des urban-ruralen Nexus (emplement) - Teilprojekt 3: Fernerkundung und räumliche Beziehungsnetze
01/07/2019 to 31/12/2020
Abstract / short description:
The rapid urbanisation confronts cities and their surrounding regions due to increasing resource
consumption and its consequences, but also in terms of vulnerability to sudden changes/ threats
with major challenges. Strategies and plans addressing these challenges, e.g. with regard to appropriate
supply and disposal infrastructure (water, energy, “safe food”, waste, wastewater), need
to be practically implemented. Objective of emplement! is to develop transferable tools and the
needed capacities that enable administrations and relevant stakeholders in the city of Da Nang
and the adjacent Quang Nam Province (Central Vietnam) to implement relevant strategies and
plans into practical, efficient and sustainable as well as resilient measures that interact synergistically.
Both at the planning and the practical level. The development of the tools takes place at
three different levels, the System Level (analyses of strategies, plans, general framework; data
generation methods), Technology Level (identification of appropriate technologies, support of decision-
making) and Implementation Level (identification of obstacles, implementation of showcases,
research on implementation). Considering the economic importance for Da Nang and
Quang Nam emplement! thereby focuses on the four fields of action - Tourism, Agriculture, Industry
and Built Environment. Based on this a comprehensive, transferable methodology for application
also in other Asian cities and regions will be developed. For the definition phase, implementation
activities in the four fields of action are defined and first practical showcase projects
will be implemented and scientifically accompanied, taking into account the conceptual and technical
synergies both between the fields of action and in the urban-regional context. The already
in the pre-phase – by the Vietnamese side articulated need for capacity development is taken up
in the definition phase and appropriate trainings and workshops will be carried out.
The project thus provides important contributions to the fields of practical implementation processes
(approach, problem analysis, speed, excellence of the technical execution, communication,
involvement of stakeholders, etc.), strengthening of local competencies as well as general
implementation research. The German-Vietnamese team of researchers, practitioners and local
authorities, has already (partly) worked together within the BMBF project Rapid Planning and can
build on the respective results and experiences. The workpackages and tasks in the project are
well represented by the scientific background, know-how and experience of the interdisciplinary
Expected findings resulting from the practically implemented showcase projects in the city-regional
nexus serve as basis for the further sharpening of the methodology and the definition of
larger-scale implementation activities in the four fields of action with regard to the R&D phase.
The reference of the results to the superior framework (e.g. SDGs and the New Urban Agenda)
is ensured also by UN-Habitat as project partner.

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Faculty of Science
University of Tübingen
Geography Research Area
Department of Geoscience, Faculty of Science

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Geography Research Area
Department of Geoscience, Faculty of Science

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Geography Research Area
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