Project3D Reconstruction of Advent City

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3D Reconstruction of Advent City
01/01/2019 to 31/08/2019
Abstract / short description:
Advent City (1904‐1908) in Adventfjorden was the first year‐round mining village on Spitsbergen. Today, it
is in ruins; only its building foundations are visible. Most of the former buildings, however, still exist in
their original state at Hiorthhamn. In August 2016, archaeologists made a detailed topographic survey at
Advent City and carried out photogrammetry at Hiorthhamn. That is to say, they systematically took very
detailed photos of the historical houses. This proposal seeks funding to employ a specialist in order to reconstruct the Hiorthhamn houses in 3D and place them back in their old positions at Advent City. The
tangible outcome will be an educational fly‐over video through the mining village for display at Svalbard
Museum (or similar) to enhence the visitor experience to Svalbard.
3D reconstruction

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Lang, Matthias
University Library (UB)
Information, communication and media center (IKM)

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Digital Humanities Center
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University of Tübingen

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