ProjectNeuartige NanoSQUIDs zur Detektion kleiner Spin-Systeme

Basic data

Neuartige NanoSQUIDs zur Detektion kleiner Spin-Systeme
01/01/2019 to 31/12/2021
Abstract / short description:
In this research project we shall develop and investigate advanced submicron-sized superconducting quantum interference devices (nanoSQUIDs). NanoSQUIDs are able to directly detect the magnetic dipole field of tiny magnetic systems such as magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) or single molecular magnets with magnetic moment sensitivity down to the order of a Bohr magneton in a 1 Hz bandwidth. Despite considerable progress in the development of ultrasensitive nanoSQUIDs and appropriate measuring techniques, solutions still do not exist for real applications. To overcome this, we want to develop sensors based on Nb thin films and overall systems for real applications, with focus on nanoSQUID magnetometry and susceptometry on MNPs.

Involved staff


Faculty of Science
University of Tübingen
Institute of Physics (PIT)
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science
Center for Light Matter Interaction, Sensors & Analytics (LISA+)
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Institute of Physics (PIT)
Department of Physics
Faculty of Science


Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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