ProjectOn-Chip Integrated Photonics based on Semiconductor Nanostructures

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On-Chip Integrated Photonics based on Semiconductor Nanostructures
29/11/2017 to 28/11/2020
Abstract / short description:
On-Chip Integrated Photonics based on Semiconductor Nanostructures

Recently, ‘On-chip integrated photonics’ has been devoted to the next generation of photonics and optoelectronics at the forefront of technology and has been among the most important research topics in the field of information science. The topic of ‘On-chip integrated photonics’ covers both fundamental researches and applications. This project aims to cope with the bottleneck of the post-Moore integrated circuit (IC) and the challenges of the optical interconnection technology in the ultra-Moore era. High efficient light source, modulator, optical waveguide and photodetector are the key elements in an optical interconnection system. Low dimensional materials, such as one-dimensional (1D) nanowires and two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) provide an excellent platform for both fundamental studies and applications of on-chip integrated photonics and optical interconnection system, due to their extraordinary material, physical and chemical properties. The general goal of this joint Sino-German research project is to develop novel integrated laser sources, e.g. optically (even electronically) pumped nanolaser, high performance photodetectors covering visible and infrared ranges, high efficient optical waveguide based on the low dimensional materials, eventually to realize a demonstration of integrated on chip optical interconnection system. To this end, we will synthesize new types of low dimensional materials to cope with the challenges in material preparation, and to investigate the optical and physical properties and mechanisms of new performances of these devices, to study the key technologies for device integration in an optical interconnection system as well. The work plan will combine the German team’s expertise in nanoscale optical microscopy and spectroscopy to study the foundation optics, physics and mechanism of the novel devices and the Chinese team’s expertise in low dimensional (1D and 2D) nanostructure synthesis and optoelectronic device fabrications. This project will help to strengthen collaborations between the two top-level research teams from China and Germany and to make breakthroughs on the related topics of on-chip integrated photonics.

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Faculty of Science
University of Tübingen
Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPTC)
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

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Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPTC)
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science

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