ProjectMulti-thematische Studien zu asymetrisch-bifaziellen Messern mit Rücken des späten Mittelpaläolothikums.…

Basic data

Multi-thematische Studien zu asymetrisch-bifaziellen Messern mit Rücken des späten Mittelpaläolothikums. Forschungen zur Equifinalität und Permutation an Keilmessern mit Schneidenschlag mittels technologischer, forschungsgeschichtlicher und experimenteller Ansätze
01/01/2018 to 31/12/2020
Abstract / short description:
This project examines stone artifacts, which are eponymous for the Keilmessergruppen of the Late Middle Paleolithic, the Keilmesser (asymetrically bifacially backed knives).
The focus is on Keilmesser with tranchet-blow modification, which are analyzed using a multi-thematic approach for immanent technological features. This project discusses litho-technological and chrono-spatial questions via the reappraisal of assemblages, a research historical reflection, archeological experiments and supra-regional comparison.
Based on technological data from case studies and supra-regional correlation archeological experiments are conducted. These examine the correlation of matrix and tool confection, equifinality (numerous matrices can be used to produce the same product) and permutation of production stages (interchangeability of working stages), as well as the influence of shape on handling
The correlation of the experiments with the assemblages of the case studies allow to deductively expand the systematic and classification of lithic shaping concepts and to complement it with the multi-perspectively tested concept ‘Keilmesser with tranchet blow‘.
Technological features are extracted in personnel, which are experimentally tested and underpinned. The relevance of this research project is substantiated in the fact that the examined Keilmesser with tranchet blow was used by Bosinski and Jöris for the formulation of the Pradnikhorizont, but supra-regional, technological comparisons of these stone artifacts are mostly missing. Therefore, the aim is, based on regional phenomena from western and central European assemblages, to conduct a supra-regional reflection on specific aspects of lithic technology from the Late Middle Paleolithic, which not only archeologically values the assemblages but also contributes to the substantiation of lithic systematics.
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Middle Palaeolithic
Bifacial objects

Involved staff


Frick, Jens Axel
Institute of Archaeological Sciences Research Areas (UFG)
Department of Geoscience, Faculty of Science

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Institute of Prehistory and Medieval Archaeology (UFG)
Department of Ancient Studies and Art History
Faculty of Humanities


Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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