ProjectStudies on the epigenetic imprinting of tumor-primed ‘memory-like’ NK cells

Basic data

Studies on the epigenetic imprinting of tumor-primed ‘memory-like’ NK cells
01/10/2016 to 31/05/2017
Abstract / short description:
With this grant application we would like to achieve a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that are initiated by tumor-priming of differentiating NK cells. The delineation of characteristic features of ‘memory-like’ NK cells on the epigenetic and transcriptional level will justify future optimization of experimental adoptive NK cell transfer protocols.

Involved staff


André, Maya Caroline
Faculty of Medicine
University of Tübingen

Local organizational units

Paediatrics Department I and Polyclinic
University Children’s Hospital - Department of Paediatrics
Hospitals and clinical institutes, Faculty of Medicine



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