ProjectVERSS – Aspekte einer gerechten Verteilung von Sicherheit in der Stadt

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Aspekte einer gerechten Verteilung von Sicherheit in der Stadt
6/15/2014 to 6/14/2017
Abstract / short description:
Since June 2014 the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has been promoting the joint project VERSS “Aspects of a fair distribution of urban safety and security”, within the context of the "Research for civil security" program. The related topic area “Urban Security” was tendered with the aim of anchoring “Security prevention as an integral part of a modern urban design”, but at the same time seeing “The balance between security and freedom” maintaining.

Next to the endowed professorship of crime prevention and risk management following scientific establishments are working together in the network: The Disaster Research Unit (Free University of Berlin) and the Institute for Security Systems (University of Wuppertal). The research consortium is led by the International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (University of Tübingen).

Based on a case study on crime prevention of the distribution of in-/security referring to crime, the endowed professorship has the task within the joint project to compare fear of crime and crime prevention measures as also involved actors in the cities of Stuttgart and Wuppertal.
crime prevention
Urbane Sicherheit
Prozedurale Gerechtigkeit

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