ProjectSatiating the brain

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Satiating the brain
01/07/2015 to 30/06/2017
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Fat is one of the main energy sources in our food and also crucial for survival. At the same time, excessive fat intake is associated with overweight and obesity. Several lines of evidence associate obesity with impaired satiety, especially after intake of high-fat meals. Therefore, the question arises which meal composition has the best satiating effect and which predictors can be identified for satiation, satiety and future food intake. Since eating behavior is mainly driven by the central control system of the brain in interaction with hormonal changes, these two components are the main agents affecting food intake. Therefore, differences in neuronal activation supposedly leads to varying food intake. However, the predictive value of neuronal activation patterns is not determined yet. The identification of such predictive neuronal and metabolic patterns of satiety and subsequent food intake could reveal new targets for weight loss interventions and dietary recommendations.
In order to close the gap of neuronal correlates of satiation and satiety in humans, this project proposes two work packages (WPs). Within these WPs, we will study the interaction of neuronal, metabolic (hormonal), and behavioral factors for satiation and satiety as well as future food intake using advanced imaging techniques. The overall goal of the proposal is to identify the role and predictive value of brain activation patterns induced by oral fat intake within the satiation cascade. Future steps to be taken are the inclusion of the results of this study in recommendations for dietary and weight loss interventions.
nutritional fat
free fatty acids

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Faculty of Medicine
University of Tübingen

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