ProjectConcepts of Biblical Israel: Origins, Developments, Manifestations

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Concepts of Biblical Israel: Origins, Developments, Manifestations
01/07/2023 to 30/06/2026
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The project will investigate the great variety and plurality of concepts of Israel within the Hebrew Bible. It will examine the origins, developments, manifestations, and interrelatedness of these concepts. The project will have a strong emphasis on a broad literary and historical basis as well as sound methodology. Five sub-projects will study the concepts of biblical Israel in all parts of the canon and analyze their historical backgrounds and social contexts. On a methodological level, the project will acknowledge the contribution of anthropological studies of tribal societies and will also draw inspiration from sociological and historical research on premodern nationalism. The structure of the team, by assembling scholars who have various competencies in literary history of biblical texts as well as in the history and archaeology of ancient Israel, will allow a comprehensive and integrative study of the history and function of the concepts of Israel in the Hebrew Bible.
Hebrew Bible / Old Testament
Biblical Israel
History of Ancient Israel
Literary History of the Old Testament

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Protestant Seminary
Faculty of Protestant Theology

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Faculty of Protestant Theology
University of Tübingen


Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany



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