ProjectAWACSS – Automated Water Analyser Computer Supported System

Basic data

Automated Water Analyser Computer Supported System
01/03/2001 to 30/05/2004
Abstract / short description:
The objective of AWACSS was to provide a multisensor system to monitor water pollution, consisting of a number of remote measurement units linked by a communications network.

Each unit was to be portable, plug-and-playable, user-friendly, and fully automated with little need for maintenance. Highly sensitive biosensors based on fluorescence detection were to ensure compliance with EU directives. The local intelligent unit evaluates online measurements and sends results to a control station, such as an internet-based server, which has direct access to each remote measurement unit.

The network is distributed over a water catchment area, allowing a source of pollution to be localized early and characterized rapidly. In cases of severe water pollution, precautionary systems is activated automatically or manually by operators of wastewater treatment plants.

This system was to meet the demands of end-users by improving reliability, robustness, and analytical scope, by reducing maintenance and by adding new capabilities including microsystems for highly parallel analysis to allow non-specialist personnel to install units in the field.
TIRF Totale Interne Reflexion Fluoreszenz

Involved staff


Faculty of Science
University of Tübingen
Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPTC)
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

Local organizational units

Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPTC)
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science


Brüssel, Belgium

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