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Prof. Dr. apl.
Irene Rapp
Organizational units:
Institute of German Language and Literature
Department of Modern Languages
CRC 833 - Construction of Meaning: The Dynamics and Adaptivity of Linguistic Structures †
Collaborative research centers and transregios

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2009 - 2021
Irene Rapp, Sigrid-Elke-Olivia Beck, Claudia Maienborn, Matthias Bauer, Erhard Hinrichs, Walt Detmar Meurers, Susanne Winkler, Vera Hohaus, Rolf Ulrich, Britta Stolterfoht, Michael Franke, Gerhard Jäger, Markus Janczyk, Barbara Kaup, Hartmut Leuthold, Claudia Friedrich, Andrea Weber, Tilman Berger, Sarah Dessi Schmid, Wiltrud Mihatsch, Katrin Axel-Tober, Samuel Featherston, Oliver Bott
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG)



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