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Correlations in Nuclei
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Study of correlation effects in quantum many-body systems of fermions beyond the mean field (Hartree-Fock) approximation. Various methods have been investigated for the example of nuclear many-body systems, infinite matter as well as finite nuclei. This includes the methods of self-consistent Greensfunctions (SCGF), hole-line expansion (Brueckner theory), and correlated basis functions (CBF). Results are documented in more than 40 publications in peer reviewed Journals like e.g.
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2007 - 2012
Herbert Müther
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG)

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Barcelona, Spain
St. Louis, Missouri, United States

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Faculty of Science
University of Tübingen
Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP)
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science
SFB 382 - Verfahren und Algorithmen zur Simulation physikalischer Prozesse auf Höchstleistungsrechnern
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Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Universitat de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

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