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Prof. Dr.
Korbinian Möller
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Department of Psychology
Faculty of Science
LEAD Graduate School & Research Network
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Knowledge Media Research Center (IWM)
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My main research interest is into numerical cognition with particular interest paid to the cognitive and neural underpinnings of number processing from very basic numerical task such as magnitude comparison to more complex arithmetical problems. Within the field of numerical cognition I am interested in the development / acquisition of numerical competencies in formal as well as informal educational contexts. I study the learning trajectories in intervention and longitudinal studies in both children as well as adult participants to evaluate the cognitive but also neural correlates of numerical learning.

Methodological Approach:

I pursue my research interests using experimental methods ranging from simple behavioral (e.g., RT and eye-tracking) to neuro-cognitive methods (e.g., fMRI/DTI, EEG).


2018 - 2022
Jessika Golle
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)



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