Project PX Workshop 2015 – Workshop "Generation and Interpretation of Proteomic Data for Biomedical Research"

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PX Workshop 2015
Workshop "Generation and Interpretation of Proteomic Data for Biomedical Research"
01/10/2015 to 02/10/2015
Abstract / short description:
Medical and life science research are being revolutionized by major technological developments that are taking place since the past decade.
As example the field of proteomics has become a mature technology and is now applicable to many different studies, ranging from small research projects to large-scale clinical studies

High-throughput mass spectrometry allows profiling the expression of thousands of proteins across many samples. Accompanied with biochemical assays, large-scale analysis of PTMS and protein complexes analysis, it is now applicable to a multitude of questions.

A common phenomenon and challenge, however, is the dramatically increased complexity in handling of resulting large data sets. Due to rapid developments in technology, we have come from the pure qualitative identification of one to few proteins to the detection and quantification of thousands, enabling the differential analysis of complex mixtures. The challenges associated with this vast amount of data are nowadays a major obstacle to make the best of the technology.

We will introduce proteomics workflows that are currently available at Tübingen’s Core Facilities and how they can be applied to your specific research questions. What they can answer and what not.

We will also outline the major bioinformatics methods that are used to process and analyze proteomics data sets and proved hands-on training with participant specific cases to teach how to extract knowledge for your proteomics data sets.

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Quantitative Biology Center (QBIC)

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Center for Ophthalmology
Hospitals and clinical institutes, Faculty of Medicine
Interfaculty Institute for Cell Biology (IFIZ)
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Quantitative Biology Center (QBIC)
University of Tübingen

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