Project TD – Topische Dialogik. Bedingungen theologischer Wahrheitsfindung im Kontext polarisierter Glaubenskulturen.…

Basic data

Topische Dialogik. Bedingungen theologischer Wahrheitsfindung im Kontext polarisierter Glaubenskulturen. Perspektiven katholischer Theologie
01/01/2015 to 30/04/2016
Abstract / short description:
The religious situation of late modernity is characterized by conflict and polarization between different cultures of belief within the world religions and denominations. These conflicts concern the relationship to the modern and pluralistic world as well as the conception of religious identity. In the Catholic Church, these conflicts are focused upon the debate on the reception of the Second Vatican Council and the renewal of the church. Currently, with Pope Francis, some key issues are up for debate: gender relations, issues of marriage and family (the Synod of Bishops in Rome); questions of church structure, of synodality and participation, the relationship between center and periphery, the reform of the Curia, the status of women in the church. In Germany, there the discussion process ends and the question rises what will follow. In this situation, the research project develops outlines of a conflict theory in the process of finding theological truth. For that purpose, topological and communicative approaches in fundamental theology will be further developed focusing on differences and debate. Therefore, there will be a workshop with theologians representing different theological approaches and options, who will work out the outline and criteria of such a theory of communication in a close connection between practices of dialogue, theoretical reflection and testing the results in concrete dispute.
Loci theologici
Theologische Erkenntnislehre (theological epistemology)
Ekklesiologie (ecclesiology)

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Faculty of Catholic Theology
University of Tübingen
Catholic Seminary
Faculty of Catholic Theology

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Faculty of Catholic Theology
University of Tübingen


Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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